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Car Accident FAQs

I think the accident might have been partly my fault-can I still make a claim?

Yes. The accident does not have to be 100% the fault of one driver. Connecticut law says that you are entitled to recover from the other driver even if you are partially at fault, as long as you are less responsible than the other driver. Even drivers who are issued a ticket or warning can recover if the other driver was more at fault.

What is a “soft tissue” case?

“Soft tissue” refers to injuries such as whiplash, lumbar strain, cervical sprain, neck and low back pain. In these cases, the soft tissues of the body are injured but there are no broken bones. Sometimes the result of “rear-enders,” “fender-benders,” and low impact collisions, insurance companies often view these as minor accidents. But the injuries can be painful and we fight for you with all of our expertise and resources in this type of case, just as we do for our more severely injured clients.

Insurance companies are calling me, including my own- what do I say to them?

Report the facts of the accident to your own insurance company. Tell the other driver’s insurance company that you have hired a lawyer. You can say “I have hired a lawyer to represent me and they told me that I can’t speak to anyone about the accident. The lawyer said you can call them directly-here is the number…” You might be asked to complete paperwork regarding your car or a rental car, fill out forms regarding your injuries, or make a statement. You should not do any of this without consulting us first.

How long will it take to get my case settled?

It depends. In most cases, you have to be released from treatment because there is generally no benefit to you to settle your case until your doctor says that you have recovered. We settle many soft tissue cases within 12 months of the accident and about 97% of these cases before trial.

How do you know how much my case is worth?

Case value depends on the type of injury you have suffered, and whether there is a permanent disability; your present and future medical bills; the degree of fault of the person who injured you; whether you were partly at fault; the reliability, credibility and availability of witnesses; lost wages and loss of earning capacity you have suffered; and, available insurance to pay the claim. Each case is different and we will evaluate and advise you on all of these factors in resolving your case.

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