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We are personal injury trial lawyers. Most lawyers prepare your case for settlement but we are different. We prepare every case from day one as if it is going to trial. Our method strengthens every case to get results. We shine in the courtroom.  Defense lawyers, insurance adjusters and judges know it–they know that we will fight for you in court and this is why we get the results that we do for injured people and their families.

At McEnery Law Group we care about you and your family. We work hard to get you compensation and provide you with the personal attention you deserve. Our team of seasoned legal professionals includes a licensed nurse/attorney and top-notch trial lawyers with years of trial experience.  We have an extensive network of experts for all types of personal injury matters and the resources to handle your case no matter how complicated.  We work on a contingent fee basis, meaning that we pay all costs of case investigation and litigation, invest our own time and money, and we are paid only if and when we resolve your case.

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