Verdicts and Settlements

This is a partial list of settlements and verdicts we have obtained on behalf of our clients. Every case is different and past results are not a guarantee of future outcomes. You should hire your personal injury attorney based on expertise, experience, and qualifications that are important to you, not just financial results.

$13.59 million: Motorcycle hit by truck

$4.6 million: Motorcycle hit by truck.

$4 million
: Failure to treat gastrointestinal bleeding of hospitalized patient causing death.

$3.4 million: Brain damage, paralysis & speech deficits from improper procedure.

$3.4 million: Failure to diagnose abdominal cancer resulting in death.

$3.3 million: Improper placement of breathing tube by ambulance personnel causing brain damage.

$3 million: Discharge from the hospital without proper treatment causing life threatening infection, multiple surgeries, muscle loss and disfiguring scars.

$2.4 million: Motorcyclist struck by car resulting in broken bones, traumatic brain injury and cognitive loss.

$2.25 million: Fall on ice resulting in serious lumbar spine injuries, surgeries and permanent disability.

$1.95 million: Discharge from the emergency room with a failure to recognize and treat a heart attack.

$1.8 million: Slip and fall on ice causing fractured ankle with wound infection and ultimately a below knee amputation.

$1.65 million: Failure to diagnose skin cancer causing death.

$1.5 million: Failure to monitor after surgery resulting in death.

$1.3 million: Failure to diagnose and repair intestinal leak after weight loss surgery resulting in death.

$1.2 million: Fractured hip in nursing home resulting in leg amputation and death.

$1 million: Delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer.

$1 million: Failure to monitor blood thinners resulting in death.

$900,000: Delay in diagnosis of lung cancer.

$880,000: Pedestrian in cross walk struck by bus.

$850,000: Police officer violated protocol traveling through intersection and caused multi-vehicle collision, resulting in a severe lumbar injury.

$825,000: Underage drinking and intoxication at graduation party with parents at home resulting in death.

$575,000: Rear end car accident resulting in multiple neck surgeries.

$300,000: Dog attack causing scarring and disfiguring injuries to hand and nerve injuries to arm and shoulder.

$300,000: Dog attack resulting in scalp laceration and facial scarring.

$165,000: Wall heater fell onto client causing serious burns and scarring to both feet.

$163,500: Pedestrian struck by a car while walking in crosswalk.

$130,000: Fall down stairs with defective paint resulting in fractured ankle.

$100,000: Scooter operator struck from behind and suffered subdural hematoma.

Confidential Settlement: Improper treatment by physician assistant in emergency room resulting in death.

Confidential Settlement: Delay in ambulance response time resulting in brain damage.

Confidential Settlement: Failure to recognize internal bleeding after surgery resulting in death.

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