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Injured Passengers

Being the passenger in an auto accident can be devastating. You may be left with last injuries affecting your ability to work and enjoy life. The attorneys at the McEnery Law Group can help with your car accident.  Call us at 855-494-8300 or fill out the form for your free consultation.

If you were injured in an accident, taking the following steps will help us to better represent you:

Get examined by a doctor.
Sometimes it can take days, or even weeks, after you have been in an auto accident for you to realize that the injuries aren’t going away on their own. Make sure you get treated at the hospital emergency room or with your primary care provider after you have been in an accident.

Get the police report.
If you were the passenger in an accident and a police officer responded to the scene, he/she filed a report with the city or town in which the accident occurred.

Call an experienced auto accident attorney.
Do not give any statements to either driver’s insurance company. The insurance company does not work for you, we do. We will use our decades of medical and legal experience to protect your interests.

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