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We have had the opportunity to work with the clients of many law firms-we pay a 40% referral fee  on all personal injury cases and we have paid millions of dollars to our referring attorneys and firms. We focus on cases involving trucks, motorcycles and slip and fall cases resulting in death or serious injury. If you have a Connecticut case where it would benefit you and your client to team up with a firm with the legal expertise and financial resources needed to get a great recovery, please consider referring the case to MLG.

MLG is a law firm in Milford, CT with a nurse/attorney and experienced trial lawyers ready to take on a serious injury case anywhere in the state. Our legal team has been working together for over 25 years pursuing personal injury matters exclusively, and we use our experience with accident investigation, litigation and significant injuries to obtain satisfying outcomes for our clients.

We obtained an 8 figure settlement in a recent motorcycle and truck accident, and have a track record of numerous 7 figure resolutions. In achieving this level of success, we employ focus groups, animations, day in the life video mediation packages and nationally recognized experts. As referring counsel, you can rest assured that we will handle the client’s personal injury claim while keeping you and your client informed. We share the lessons learned along the way with other personal injury attorneys and teach courses for future lawyers.


We have found that the best referral sources are grateful clients and their satisfied attorneys. There are several ways you can benefit from our assistance at no cost to you:
•  Refer us a personal injury case: trucking, motorcycle, slip and fall accident, death or catastrophic injury.
•  Ask our team to review your Connecticut personal injury case for insights and suggestions that you can implement.
•  Call our nurse/attorney for help with medical records interpretation.


Truck and Motorcycle cases are not and should not be handled like standard personal injury cases. Immediate investigation with accident reconstruction is imperative-the defendant’s insurance company investigator will be at the scene of a significant accident almost instantly, and your expert should too. The scene must be photographed and measured. Dash cam data must be downloaded and preserved in the presence of a client representative. These matters are urgent and time sensitive.
In trucking and motorcycle accidents, we will make significant financial investments to preserve the evidence, including paying to keep a vehicle in secure storage, traveling across the country to personally attend dash cam down loads, locating and obtaining exact duplicate vehicles for use in accident reconstruction, retaining experts immediately and bringing them to the scene to review the evidence essential to the case.


Death or catastrophic injury cases also require a significant investment of time and money to ensure the best outcome for the client. Especially in the wake of court closings and slow downs due to COVID, these cases require time, patience and financial resources to properly resolve. With our team’s medical background, we are uniquely qualified to understand the short and long term impact of these injuries and losses on a family and the affected individual.

With a significantly injured client, we retain experienced day in the life videographers to document care, treatment, progression of injury and impact on the family dynamic from the beginning, so that by the time of trial, this story is captured and can be told visually. We also retain life care planners who meet with us and personally assess the client before rendering their report and opinion.

Connecticut law now recognizes a loss of parental consortium claim for children whose parents are injured. We were among the first to successfully resolve one of these claims, recovering $1.5 million for the 18 eligible months that a teenage daughter became the care-giver for her profoundly disabled mother.


In Connecticut, slip and fall accidents are a year round event, related to untreated ice and snow in the winter, and structural defects all year long. Our office has achieved great success with these cases, including potholes in parking lots, defective sidewalks and stairways, ice and snow mishaps, and walkway obstructions.

Our team focuses on early investigation and documentation of the defect, by immediate scene visits and tracking down surveillance video. If your firm is one that does not pursue slip and fall cases, or declines a case due to challenging liability issues, please consider a referral to MLG.
We are experienced in these matters and have success with cases that other firms do not wish to pursue.

If you have a case that is too large, requires extra resources, or is not the right fit for your firm, we can help. MLG pays a 40% referral fee on all personal injury cases. You can rest assured your client will get the representation they deserve.

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