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Connecticut Workers’ Compensation

Did you know that if you were injured on the job you can be compensated for your injuries under the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act?
This law provides benefits for employees who have been injured at work or who have become ill from their jobs. Connecticut Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault system. It does not matter if the accident was the employee’s fault or the employee was born with a medical condition which predisposed him or her to the injury or increased its severity.

We have filed compensation claims for hundreds of injured workers over the years, for injuries and accidents such as:

  • Failed back syndrome
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Injuries to the lumbar spine, thoracic spine and cervical spine
  • Neck injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Serious burns
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Fractures and crush injuries
  • Auto accidents on the job
  • Trip and fall while making deliveries
  • Slip and fall at work
  • Falling equipment
  • Malfunctioning and broken equipment

We often find that workers who are injured on the job also have an additional claim, especially in cases of car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death and dog bites, if the injuries are work related.

Unlike personal injury claims, the state of Connecticut allows you only one year from the time of your injury to file for benefits. For an occupational disease, the time to file is longer. Do not wait to call us if you think you have a claim.

What to do if You Have Been Injured at Work

The Workers’ Compensation Commission provides free self-help informational materials including a comprehensive website. The Workers’ Compensation system is designed for people to represent themselves. However, you have a right to hire an attorney to represent you, and if your injury is severe, requires surgery, or complicated medical treatment, you should call the experienced, knowledgable workers’ compensation attorneys at McEnery Price Messey & Sullivan. We handle Workers’ Compensation cases on a contingency fee basis which is set by the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission.

These are the things you should do first if you have been injured on the job:

  • Report your injury to your employer immediately. Your employer should provide you with medical treatment and should file an “Employer’s First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness” form.
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. Your employer should send you to the company medical facility, a walk-in clinic, a hospital, or a designated physician for your initial medical treatment, as soon as possible after you are injured.
  • File an official claim as soon as possible. In Connecticut, this is known as form 30C.While the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission is designed for workers to represent themselves, navigating through the system can be overwhelming. Contact the experienced and knowledgable worker’s compensation attorneys at the McEnery Law Group to discuss your options.
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