Medical Malpractice From a GI Scope? It Can Happen

If you or a loved one are scheduled to undergo a gastrointestinal (GI) laparoscopic procedure, not only should you be asking your doctor these questions about his or her experience and your scope procedure, you are also within your rights to ask about the medical equipment that is going to be used on you. 1. … Keep reading…

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Connecticut Medical Malpractice Lawsuit: Was Your Doctor Ever Named?

If you are searching for a new primary care provider or are set to undergo a surgical procedure in a hospital or outpatient surgical facility, chances are you are asking your friends, family, and perhaps even other physicians that monitor your care for recommendations. Once you have narrowed down your list, bring your list of … Keep reading…

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Can I Do a Background Check on my Doctor or Hospital?

The short answer is yes. The Connecticut Department Public Health makes public any disciplinary actions taken by the state against licensed health care practitioners (including doctors and nurses) facilities (including hospitals and nursing homes) by the Department of Public Health. These regulatory action reports are updated quarterly and they detail any violations and corresponding action … Keep reading…

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How Do I Know If A Hospital Has Had an Adverse Event?

If you or a loved one is scheduled to undergo a procedure, you may want to research whether your chosen hospital or surgical facility has had an adverse event. An adverse event is a medical occurrence where a patient is injured during the course of treatment, either surgically or medically. The state of Connecticut already … Keep reading…

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Why Ambulance Negligence Can Be Medical Malpractice

The common perception is that because ambulance personnel are responding to an emergency situation they are exempt from any medical malpractice claims. ┬áThis is not the case. Ambulance personnel are held to the same standard of care that governs all medical professionals and dictates how they may be held responsible in the case that they … Keep reading…

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