‌Connecticut Auto Accident: Earlier Dusk Means Riskier Roads

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 by | Posted In: Auto Accidents

As we prepare to fall back and set our clocks back an hour, the time that dusk arrives will get earlier and earlier. This will cause some difficulty on Connecticut roads and could potentially lead to a Connecticut auto accident.  

When the days get shorter and the nights creep into our evening commute, driving home in the dark can become treacherous and unsafe. If you have a long evening commute you may also find yourself drowsy on the way home.

Commuters can help themselves stay safe on the way home from work by making sure to follow the same guidelines you might follow if you were on the roads late at night.

Always use your headlights no matter how light it may still feel to you. Your headlights add an extra layer of protection so you don’t miss anything.

Leave yourself extra time to get home so you’re not speeding. On the highway or on city streets speeding can be a cause of accidents and speeding at dusk or in pitch black can be even more dangerous.

Get enough sleep. This is one that a lot of us fail on, but if you don’t get enough sleep at night you’re more likely to get into your car at dusk and be drowsy when you’re driving. Drowsy driving is the equivalent to drunk driving.

If you’re on the road at dusk and your evening commute stretches to night time driving, take precautions to avoid a Connecticut auto accident.

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