‌Increased Memorial Day Weekend Traffic May Lead To More Connecticut Auto Accidents

Thursday, May 20th, 2021 by | Posted In: Uncategorized

On Memorial Day 2020 there was tremendous uncertainty surrounding Memorial Day weekend.  It was the first major holiday since the start of the pandemic and public health officials were recommending against travel of any kind.  Even visits to family or friends inside the State of Connecticut were considered risky.

This year, the situation is significantly different.  The State of Connecticut has opened and many neighboring states have relaxed their restrictions on travel.  This year, experts expect that Memorial Day weekend travel may resume to a pre-pandemic level or even greater.  Whether you’re leaving the state or having a staycation, the risk of a Connecticut auto accident will undoubtedly be greater this year than it was last year.  

According to the National Safety Council (NSC) travel by car is the deadliest form of travel there is based on a per mile calculation.  Last year the Memorial Day weekend estimate for deaths due to auto accidents was between 350 and 400 total deaths for the 3-day weekend.  This year with an expected higher volume of traffic this number is expected to be higher.

There are a number of reasons that auto accident fatalities increase over a long 3-day weekend, especially in the summer.  A few of these reasons include;

  1. Higher levels of alcohol consumption
  2. Greater volume of traffic late at night
  3. Larger than normal volume of traffic overall

While the National Safety Council can not forecast exact numbers for this Memorial Day weekend it is important to note that traffic is expected to be up significantly over last year and a higher volume of traffic generally means a greater chance for a Connecticut auto accident.  

There is a reason to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend.  Families and friends will be gathering in greater numbers and the country is starting to emerge from a very dark period over the last year.  This gives us even more reason to celebrate responsibly and drive safely throughout the weekend.

Here at MPMS we salute the women and men who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  We honor you on this Memorial Day.

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