3 Ways To Prevent Injury or Death When Riding A Dirt Bike

Sunday, September 30th, 2018 by | Posted In: Bike Accidents

A 28-year old man died recently in New Haven in a dirt bike accident.  After the rider was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital he was pronounced dead.  Police reported that there were no other vehicles involved in the crash.

If you are a dirt bike rider or thinking about trying out this off road motor sport you should consider the following ways to prevent injury or death.

  1. Obey all laws.  In most cases dirt bikes are not allowed on paved roads.  Riding in traffic can make an accident more likely.
  2. Wear a helmet.  Helmets aren’t required in Connecticut, but wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to limit your chances of serious injury or death.
  3. Keep your speed down.  While most off-road trails do not have posted speed limits, riding at a reasonable speed will give you the best chance at avoiding a serious accident.

If you’ve been in a dirt bike accident and think you may have a personal injury case, contact us immediately.  In most cases, the statute of limitations on this type of case is two years.

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