5 Common Injuries From A Connecticut Truck Accident

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No one wants to be involved in a Connecticut truck accident. Their size alone causes injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to wrongful death. Below are five types of injuries common in truck accidents. 

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  1. Shoulder injuries. The most common shoulder injuries are a fractured clavicle, dislocated shoulder, and torn rotator cuff. Shoulder injuries can be extremely painful while limiting the victim’s ability to work, especially if your job requires lifting objects.
  2. Lacerations. Lacerations and scarring can be common in any type of accident. They can be caused by the seat belt rubbing against your skin. Cut-wounds could be caused by coming into contact with sharp objects, such as glass.
  3. Broken bones. These injuries can be common throughout the body and can range in severity. Many fractures require some type of cast and could require physical therapy. 
  4. Head injuries. Head injuries are some of the most severe truck accident injuries. They range in severity from headaches to concussions to traumatic brain injuries. Side effects of head trauma can include skull fractures, bleeding on the brain, or nerve damage. 
  5. Back and neck injuries. Spinal injuries include sprains and strains, which produce soreness, stiffness, and tightness. More painful injuries are pinched nerves and herniated discs that could require injections or surgery. A victim could also fracture one or more vertebrae.

Common truck accident injuries, while different in nature, can all cause a victim to incur significant medical bills, miss work, and endure severe pain. If you or a loved one was injured in a Connecticut truck accident, call us immediately. Our team is experienced in handling cases like this. We advocated for our client who received New England’s largest truck accident settlement in 2018.

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