5 Things Never To Say To An Insurance Adjuster

Monday, April 29th, 2019 by | Posted In: Auto Accidents

Car accidents are a traumatic experience for those involved in them. You may still be in the hospital recovering from your injuries when you get a call from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The adjuster may seem friendly, but they work for the insurance company of the person who hit you.

When you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance adjuster, here are 5 things you should never do:

  1. Do not apologize, give details of your injuries, or admit fault. While you may have a clear picture of the crash, please keep in mind that injuries can take time to develop. Your future medical costs should not be determined within hours of the crash.
  2. Don’t forget to write down everything. It is a good idea to write down what happened in the accident while it is still fresh in your mind. Do this even before talking to your insurance company and lawyer. Consistency is key.
  3. Say nothing immediately after the accident. Once you have been treated, have gone home, and feel comfortable and confident, then you should talk to an attorney before talking to them.
  4. Do not sign anything. You may be pressured to sign something. Signing a release for medical records you may think is innocent so your current injuries are being reviewed, but the other side may be trying to link old injuries as pre-existing.
  5. Do not give the at fault driver’s insurance company any personal contact information.

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