5 Ways Motorists Can Avoid a Bicycle Accident

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 by | Posted In: Bike Accidents

Attention Connecticut drivers! Are you aware that bicyclists on roadways are vehicles with the same rights and rules as cars and trucks? Connecticut law states that motor vehicles must provide 3 feet of safe distance when passing a moving bicycle.

  1. Drive cautiously.
    Reduce speed and do not tailgate as you approach cyclists. Recognize cycling hazards and give them plenty of space.
  2. Yield to cyclists.
    Bicycles are considered vehicles on the roadway. Give them appropriate space and allow the cyclists the time to cross intersections.
  3. Be considerate.
    Always be on the lookout for bicyclists and do not blast your horn in close proximity to cyclists.
  4. Pass with care.
    Leave plenty of space between your car and the bicyclists. Use caution when passing and moving back into your lane.
  5. Keep an eye out for children.
    Children are very often unpredictable, hard to see, and do not always know the rules of the road. Use extra care when traveling around children on bicycles.

The personal injury attorneys at the McEnery Law Group wish everyone a safe, smart and enjoyable road trip!

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