5 Ways to Play Pokemon Go and Avoid Connecticut Personal Injury

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 by | Posted In: Personal Injury

ct pokemon goHave you tried the latest gaming craze Pokemon Go? Whether you have leveled up or captured a Pokemon, this game is taking Connecticut by storm. But it has not gone without people being injured. Here are 5 ways to avoid getting injured while playing:

  1. Do Not Pokemon and Drive. This is extremely dangerous and puts you and any other drivers or pedestrians at risk for a Connecticut auto accident.
  2. Do Not Leave Your Children Alone While You Find Pokemon. This Arizona couple did just that and got arrested.
  3. Do Not Just Cross the Street. This Wall Streeter and this Pittsburgh teenager had a bike accident and pedestrian accident, respectively, while trying to play Pokemon.
  4. Do Not Play Pokemon in a Healthcare Setting. Whether you are the patient or a healthcare worker, playing Pokemon Go can expose private information.
  5. Do Not Keep Your Head Down. While you are walking around looking for Pokemon, make sure your eyes stay alert for sidewalks, cracks, crevices and other anomalies in the sidewalk or street.

While Pokemon Go is the latest game to sweep Connecticut and the world, the risks of personal injury are very real. Please play responsibly.

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