6 Nursing Homes Fined by the Department of Public Health

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 by | Posted In: Personal Injury

The Connecticut Department of Public Health is charged with oversight of buildings and industries that are used by the public such as hospitals, schools, and even nursing homes. The DPH recently fined six Connecticut nursing facilities that put patient safety at risk.

Nathaniel Witherell in Greenwich was fined $1,940 for two instances; one where a dementia patient fell in a restroom and broke a hip and collarbone; another where a dehydration-prone patient was hospitalized for dehydration after failure to observe warning signs.

Chelsea Place Care Center in Hartford was fined $1,920 when a patient reported abuse.

Apple Rehab in Old Saybrook was fined $1,750 when an at-risk patient fell and broke a femur that later required surgery.

Westside Care Center in Manchester was fined $1,740 after a nurse aide offered to obtain illegal drugs for a resident in exchange for sexual favors.

Connecticut Baptist Homes in Meriden was fined $1,630 for two instances. One where a patient was being assisted from a wheelchair and fell which resulted in 14 stitches and another instance when a patient was transported from a wheelchair in a manner that did not comply with facility protocol.

Finally, Beacon Brook Health Center in Naugatuck was fined $1,530 after a patient made inappropriate sexual gestures to another patient.

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