8 Ways to Identify Nursing Home Negligence

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 by | Posted In: Hospital Negligence

nursing home negligenceChoosing a nursing home facility is an extremely difficult decision for any family. You want to make sure your loved one is going to a place where they will be cared for both medically and humanely.

Not all nursing homes are created equal. You can investigate whether a particular facility has had any Connecticut Department of Public Health violations. Here are eight ways to identify if your loved one may be neglected:

  1. Bedsores
  2. Rapid weight loss
  3. Dehydration and malnutrition
  4. Withdrawn behavior
  5. Changes in hygiene/appearance
  6. Increased lack of friendliness toward nursing home staff
  7. Increased lack of friendliness toward other patients
  8. Environmental hazards like slippery floors, broken equipment/furniture, etc.

If you suspect your loved one’s injuries are the result of negligent care they are receiving while at a nursing home facility, call our office. Our doctor attorney Robert Messey and nurse attorney Gayle Sullivan will investigate your claims.


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