Avoid Driveway Rideout Accidents By Preparing Your Yard For The Spring

Friday, April 3rd, 2015 by | Posted In: Bike Accidents

Talk to your kids about preventing bicycle and scooter accidentsOne of the most common causes of bicycle and scooter accidents is a youngster being struck by a passing car while leaving your driveway.  These accidents are often a result of obstructions that make it difficult for the rider to see on-coming traffic.

The median age for this type of accident is 10 years old.

As winter melts away into spring, more and more children will be out riding their bicycles and these accidents will occur more frequently.  Taking a few of the following steps can help you to stave off an accident of this type.

  1. Talk to your son or daughter about making sure he/she does not race out into on-coming traffic.  Make them aware that no matter how safe your road seems to be, the possibility of a car racing down the street is always there, so looking both ways is a key way to prevent getting hurt.
  2. Cut back and bushes/trees that may obstruct the view of your child as they ride their bike or scooter into the street.
  3. Post a sign encouraging on-coming traffic to slow down and that there are children living at your address.

These few steps will help to prevent these types of bicycle and scooter accidents, but if an accident were to occur make sure to consult a personal injury attorney immediately to see how they can protect your long term interests.


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