Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Workers’ Compensation Issue

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 by | Posted In: Worker's Compensation

Carpal-Tunnel-Workers-CompWhen many people think of workers’ compensation cases they think of people who work in jobs where they are on the go all day or lift very heavy items, but these are not the only circumstances in which injury can result from work.

Take a person who works 50 hours a week at a job that requires him/her to sit and type all day long.  This person spends his/her days typing away at a keyboard which can ultimately lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.  This affliction, if caught early enough can be eased by simple things like taking frequent breaks from the task that is causing the soreness or applying cold packs or ice to the affected area.

However, according to the Mayo Clinic, if carpal tunnel syndrome is not caught early enough it may lead to the need for wrist splinting and in severe cases even surgery.  This can impact your earning potential and ultimately lead to loss of wages.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious issue for workers and can be considered a case to be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney.

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