Common Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Your Personal Injury Claim

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 by | Posted In: Personal Injury

Connecticut personal injuries and auto accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. In many cases, you or your loved one will be left with hefty medical bills, severe and significant injuries, and a lot of questions on what to do next. As you file your claim, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not documenting your injuries. After an accident or personal injury, it is important to go to the hospital, an urgent care center, or your primary care provider to document your injuries. Not doing so could negatively impact your case.
  2. Not preserving evidence. If you are able at the scene of the accident, take photographs to document what happened.
  3. Rushing a settlement. There are many reasons why you may want your case to close, but being too hasty in settling could mean not receiving full compensation for your injuries. Consulting your experienced attorney, like those at McEnery Price Messey & Sullivan, can help you.
  4. Dishonesty. Being dishonest about any part of your accident is a big mistake. Dishonesty negatively impacts your credibility which discounts your case value.
  5. Not being truthful with your attorney. Keeping information from your attorney can only hurt your case in the long run. Share with him or her any past injuries you have had.

If you or a loved one were injured, contact our firm immediately. The experienced attorneys at McEnery Price Messey & Sullivan can help you with your claim and look out for your long term interests.

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