Connecticut Dog Bite: Owner Arrested After Attack

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A West Hartford dog owner was arrested after her boxer-mix attacked a 79 year-old man. The dog’s owner failed to comply with a restraint order previously put on the dog after aggressive behavior. Some animals are very unpredictable and through no fault of your own can get aggressive towards you and ultimately bite you causing significant dog bite injuries.

The State of Connecticut’s dog bite laws offer strict liability which means the dog owner is responsible for the actions of their dog even if they are negligent. The exceptions to this statute are if the victim was trespassing, or if the dog was being teased or taunted.

According to the Connecticut Humane Society there are a number of things you can do to prevent being bitten by a dog, but should an injury occur there are steps you need to take to protect yourself from further injury and avoid any long term effects from the dog bite.

After being bitten you should:

Left untreated and unreported dog bites can affect your long term health and potentially that of your neighbors. It is important to be proactive after you’ve been bitten and take the necessary steps to avoid these long term impacts on your well being.

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