Connecticut Dog Bites Against Postal Workers on the Rise

Sunday, July 17th, 2016 by | Posted In: Dog Bites

postal worker dog biteConnecticut dog bite injuries amongst U.S. Postal workers are on the rise. With more Connecticut residents shopping online, postal workers are delivering more packages and are coming into contact with more of our canine family members. In 2015, Connecticut postal workers suffered 90 dog bite injuries, up 23% from 2014 (73 dog bites were reported in 2014).

The USPS defines a dog attack as anytime a postal worker is injured or harmed by a dog and attributes this to three main problems: dogs not being restrained in the house, dogs not restrained in the yard and dogs roaming the neighborhoods.

In the state of Connecticut, dog bite injuries fall under a strict liability statute which means that the dog owner is 100% responsible for the injury unless the victim is trespassing or taunting the dog. U.S. Postal workers not only are facing a dog bite injury, but since their injuries are sustained on the job, they may also have a Federal worker’s compensation claim.

USPS offers two great tips to pet owners: when answering the door, put your pet in a separate room with the door closed and do not let children answer the door. Dogs may interpret a delivery as the child being attacked or threatened.

If you are a victim of a Connecticut dog bite injury, call our office immediately. We will begin an immediate investigation into your injury and help you prepare your claim.

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