Connecticut Medical Malpractice: 6 Common Birth Injuries

Thursday, June 20th, 2019 by | Posted In: Hospital Negligence, Medical Malpractice

Not all birth injuries are the result of Connecticut medical malpractice, but some of them are. Unfortunately, that means many injuries could have been prevented with reasonable medical care. Below you will find six of the most common birth injuries caused by medical negligence.

  1. Brachial palsies, like Erb’s palsy and Klumpke’s palsy, occur when nerves that control the arms and hands are injured during delivery. Doctors who pull too hard on the baby’s head or use incorrect methods can cause this type of damage.
  2. Facial paralysis can occur when too much pressure is exerted on the baby’s face during the delivery.
  3. Brain injuries can occur with oxygen deprivation. When oxygen is lacking, a lot of medical injuries can occur including seizures and cerebral palsy.
  4. Clavicle fractures happen when babies are pulled too hard in the breech position.
  5. Cephalohematoma is bleeding underneath cranial bones. It appears several hours after birth when birthing tools such as forceps are used incorrectly.
  6. Caput succedaneum is swelling of tissues on an infant’s scalp. Vacuum extraction can cause this injury.

Connecticut medical malpractice occurs when significant permanent injury (including death) occurs. Contact our doctor/attorney, Bob Messey or our nurse/attorney, Gayle Sullivan to discuss your child’s injuries.

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