Connecticut Medical Malpractice and the Physician Profile Law

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medical malpractice - physician profile

Fortunately in Connecticut, we have a law that mandates all physicians provide the following information to the Department of Public Health concerning any in or out of state medical malpractice judgement, settlement or arbitration award in the last 10 years, including:

  1. Date judgement, settlement, or arbitration was resolved;
  2. Amount paid;
  3. Practice speciality related to the payment.

The DPH has also established a ranking system for hospitals and outpatient surgical facilities to report adverse events.
Class A is an event that has resulted in death or near death.
Class B is an event that has resulted in the patient’s disability or immediate danger of disability.
Class C is an event that has resulted in physical or sexual abuse to a patient.
Class D are events that are not A, B, or C. These events are reported to the DPH quarterly.

Class A, B, and C are reported to the DPH within 72 hours of the event.

Use this tool from the Connecticut Department of Public Health to verify your doctor’s license.

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