Connecticut Medical Malpractice: Anesthesia Has No Room For Error

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 by | Posted In: Hospital Negligence, Medical Malpractice

When an anesthesiologist is negligent in his/her care for a patient and that negligence causes permanent injury (including death) to the patient, that is Connecticut anesthesia medical malpractice. Anesthesiologists are responsible for much of the “behind the scenes” work in the operating room and therefore must be skilled and vetted as much as your surgeon.

Anesthesiologists are responsible for intubating (installing a breathing tube through the mouth, down the trachea to the lungs) and monitoring vital signs during the surgery. Failure to properly intubate the patient or react to a change in the patient’s vital signs that causes lasting injury can be Connecticut medical malpractice.

Other areas where an anesthesiologist can be held liable are:

Anesthesiologists are responsible for a substantial portion of patient care during surgery, which is why their medical malpractice insurance is among the highest in the healthcare field. If he or she is negligent, injuries can be catastrophic, including:

If your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury during a surgery and you are questioning the level of care, contact Bob Messey, MD/JD and Gayle Sullivan, RN/JD immediately. They will draw upon their years of medical and legal experience to investigate your claim.

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