Connecticut Medical Malpractice: Health & Technology Hazards Still Exist

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 by | Posted In: Hospital Negligence, Medical Malpractice

Connecticut medical malpractice hazards and threats are present as we enter the new year. The ECRI Institute, a non-profit organization that bridges applied scientific research on medical devices, procedures, drugs and processes with the desire to provide healthcare workers with information on how to provided the best possible patient care, released its list of hazards for next year.

  1. Infusion Errors – This procedure can have dire consequences if proper protocols are not followed.
  2. Inadequate Cleaning of Reusable Instruments/Devices – If not thoroughly cleaned, these instruments could cause serious infections in patients.  
  3. Missed Ventilator Alarms – Whether it is alarm fatigue or other factors, missing ventilator alarms could be quite serious.
  4. Undetected opioid-induced respiratory depression.
  5. Infection risks with heater-cooler devices used in cardiothoracic surgery.
  6. Software gaps can put patients and data at risk.
  7. Occupational radiation hazards in hybrid operating rooms.
  8. Automated drug dispensing cabinet setup and use errors could cause medication mishaps.
  9. Surgical stapler misuse and malfunctions.
  10. Device failures caused by cleaning products and procedures.

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