Connecticut Slip & Fall Accidents: The 4 Most Common Injuries

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Slip_and_Fall_injuryConnecticut slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere: on a public sidewalk, parking lot, store, or any other walkable surface. If you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall accident, here are the most common types of injuries you can sustain:

1.) Head injuries. A head striking the ground, curb, shelf, or other structure can cause lifelong impairments and injuries. Concussions are now classified as traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

2.) Neck, back and spine injuries. A slip and fall accident, even trying to CATCH yourself from falling, can cause extremely painful and difficult to treat injuries. Slipped, bulging or herniated disks can cause chronic pain and even lead to surgery or make a return to work impossible.

3.) Hip and/or pelvic injuries. Broken hips and pelvis bones are most often seen in elderly patients, however they can affect any age. A serious slip and fall accident could require the need for a hip replacement surgery or a prolonged nursing home stay.

4.) Torn tendons and/or ligaments. Injuries to the tendons and ligaments are very painful and can require months of physical therapy. Even then sometimes patients never fully return to 100% mobility and usability.

If you were injured in a Connecticut slip and fall accident, call our office. We will begin an immediate investigation into your injuries and your case.

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