Connecticut Truck Accidents Are Also Workers’ Compensation Cases

Saturday, February 27th, 2016 by | Posted In: Truck Accidents, Worker's Compensation

CT truck accidentA 43-year-old man was killed in a truck accident along Connecticut’s Interstate 95 a few weeks ago when the tractor-trailer truck he was operating veered into the right shoulder and crashed into an overpass in Westport. No one else was injured in the crash.

While police are still investigating the cause of this accident, this truck accident is quite a complex personal injury case. Since the vehicle operator died, an estate needs to be opened on his behalf. After that, the fiduciary of the estate can begin to file claims related to this accident.

In a case like this, the estate will likely file a claim against the insurance carrier of the truck. Additionally, since this driver was likely working, there is a workers’ compensation claim in this case also. Workers’ compensation claims are handled through the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Whether it is the truck insurance company or workers’ compensation insurance company, there will be complicated conversations with both. An experienced attorney who has handled both truck accidents and workers’ compensation cases can help you navigate a complex case like this.

The attorneys at our firm are experienced in handling complex litigation cases of this nature. Call our office immediately to begin an investigation into your case.

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