CT Department of Public Health Disciplines 6 Nursing Homes

Sunday, August 26th, 2018 by | Posted In: Personal Injury

The Connecticut Department of Public Health is charged with oversight of buildings and industries that are used by the public such as hospitals, schools, and even nursing homes. The DPH recently fined six Connecticut nursing facilities that put patient safety at risk.

St. Camillus Center in Stamford was fined $6,000 after a patient died and video footage showed that staff waited ten minutes after finding the patient unresponsive before starting CPR.

River Glen Health Care Center in Southbury was find $3,470 for two incidents. A resident suffered a femur fracture after walking with a staff member who was not using the proper equipment. Another patient with a cardiac history was sent to the hospital after receiving an incorrect dosage of medication after a transcribing error.

St. John Paul II Center in Danbury was fined $3,270 after a patient suffered a head injury after a fall. It was found that the patient’s care plan was out of date and staff was not following policy.

Aaron Manor in Chester was fined $3,060 after a patient required surgery to repair a femur break. The patient’s care plan called for two staff to move them, but only one staff moved the patient causing injury.

Village Crest Center for Health & Rehabilitation in New Milford was fined $3.060 when a patient fell out of a wheelchair and suffered a laceration that required sutures.

Finally, Fairview in Groton was fined $2,030 after there was a delay in reporting nurse aide behavior. The aide was rough with patients

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