CT Department of Public Health Fines 4 Nursing Homes

Monday, October 22nd, 2018 by | Posted In: Personal Injury

The Connecticut Department of Public Health is charged with oversight of buildings and industries that are used by the public such as hospitals, schools, and even nursing homes. The DPH recently fined four Connecticut nursing facilities that put patient safety at risk.

Gardner Heights Health Care Center in Shelton was fined $3,480 after a resident known to have difficulty swallowing choked. The staff performed the Heimlich maneuver several times with no success, according to DPH. A lasagna noodle was removed with suctioning; thereafter the resident soon became more responsive with improved color.

Portland Care & Rehabilitation Centre Inc. was fined $3,260 for two separate violations. In April a resident suffered an accidental overdose of morphine after a charge nurse administered 2.5 cc’s of the pain medication, instead of the 0.25 cc’s ordered by a physician, the citation reports.

After immediately noticing the mistake, she notified a physician and the resident’s responsible party. The resident was treated at the hospital and returned to the facility April 22, according to the citation.

A resident who was a flight risk left the facility after a nurse aide mistakenly let the resident leave back in May. According to DPH, the resident wore a sensor but no alarm sounded. Staff called 911 and police found the resident “roaming the streets.”

The door alarm sounded when the resident approached, but the aide didn’t think it was an emergency because of a wearable sensor. The aide deactivated the alarm and allowed the resident to exit.

Crestfield Rehabilitation Center and Fenwood Manor in Manchester was fined $3,060 after a resident suffered second-degree burns from a heat pad applied by a nurse. The nurse applied the heat pad, which was too hot, without orders from a physician and relied on the resident’s spouse to remove it.

Meridian Manor Health & Rehabilitation Center in Waterbury was fined $3,060 after a resident suffered an allergic reaction from eating shellfish. That information was missing from the dietary intake assessment even though the allergy was in the medical records.

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