CT Medical Board Disciplines Two Doctors, One Physician Assistant

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 by | Posted In: Hospital Negligence, Medical Malpractice

The Connecticut Medical Examining Board recently disciplined three healthcare providers for failing to act in a timely manner, among other things. According to Connecticut medical malpractice law, physicians who deviate from the standard of care and leave the patient permanently injured may be committing Connecticut medical malpractice.

A New London urologist was fined $3,500 for failure to respond to a patient’s bladder tumor, and additionally a laboratory test result. This physician’s medical license is also placed on probation to where he must hire a specialist to review the records for any patient with a bladder cancer or tumor diagnosis.

The Connecticut Medical Board placed a New York City physician on five years probation following the same probation from the Ohio Medical Board.

A Beacons Falls physician assistant (PA) license was placed on one year probation after their employer raised concerns over the possible abuse of alcohol. This PA must undergo weekly drug and alcohol testing.

If you believe a physician who is treating you or a loved one has deviated from the standard of care and you question the level of care you have received, contact the attorneys at McEnery Price Messey & Sullivan.

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