Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnosis Could Affect Thousands Of Women

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The U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC) indicates that in 2018 the number of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer was 254,744 and that number has been rising over the last 10 years.   With proper screening and early detection the number of deaths has been declining and stood at 42,465 in 2018.

It is certainly good news that the number of deaths from this disease are declining.  A delay in cancer diagnosis could lead to a more serious case of breast cancer and a Connecticut medical malpractice claim.  There are cases where detection, even in an early screening, is difficult.  In all cases, patients must be their own best advocates by taking some of the following steps:

The best way to prevent serious illness due to breast cancer is through early screening.  If you have done your due diligence, been properly screened and still find yourself with late stage breast cancer you may have experienced a delayed diagnosis of cancer which may be considered Connecticut medical malpractice.

Our firm has an experienced doctor/attorney, Robert Messey, MD/JD and an experienced nurse/attorney, Gayle Sullivan, RN/JD who can work with you to make sure your long term interests are protected.  Contact us today and we may begin a full legal and medical investigation into your case.

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