Five Serious Connecticut Dog Bite Injuries That Could Happen

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There is a reason they call them man’s best friend because dogs are such great companions, however they can be dangerous if they are put in compromising situations.  When dogs feel threatened or under duress they are much more likely to wind up in attack mode which could lead to some serious Connecticut dog bite injuries.

Whether it is the owner of the dog or a stranger on the street that puts a dog in a precarious situation it is rarely the dog’s fault that it attacks.  More often, it is the fault of the person who is approaching a dog in a way that makes the animal feel threatened in some way.  In this case the dog may act in a way that is unusual for him.

When dogs lash out and cause injury to a human it can often be a very serious injury.  While often you may get a scratch or a scrape from the teeth of a dog, more severe injuries could mean hospitalization and even long-term physical therapy and care.  Some of these injuries may include;

When we think of dogs we love to think of beautiful golden retrievers frolicking in a field or huskies majestically strutting along, but the reality is not always as idyllic.  The truth is that Connecticut dog bite injuries happen each and every year and in order to avoid them you should remain vigilant in keeping a safe distance from strange dogs and approaching all dogs in a way that does not startle them.  

If an injury did occur when you were interacting with a dog you may need help with reviewing your case.  Our legal team can do a full investigation into your case and work with you to help protect your long-term interests.

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