It’s Time To Get Your Car Ready For The Colder Weather

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 by | Posted In: Uncategorized

Driving throughout the summer your car has certain needs.  Now that the weather is starting to change and the temperatures are dropping, avoiding a Connecticut auto accident requires doing a checkup on your car’s vital equipment. 

While the weather may not have turned to winter just yet, now is the best time to take care of these checks so that you’re not doing it in the dead of winter when these things can become a problem.  If you perform these checks now you can be certain that when the weather does become a problem you’ll be ready.   As the temperatures begin to cool you should perform the following checks on your vehicle:

  1.  Check your windshield wipers.  The good news here is that given the incredibly wet summer we had you may already know the status of your windshield wipers.  If you aren’t sure, check to make sure that they are functioning properly and are capable of clearing away ice and snow.
  2. Tire pressure changes with the seasons.  In the summer months the air in your tires becomes overinflated and can cause a tire blowout if not addressed.  In the winter months this same air contracts and can cause an accident due to being underinflated.  If you take the time to properly inflate your tires as the weather gets colder you will be in good shape to avoid this type of accident.  
  3. Check your headlights and tail lights.  As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter you will likely be driving in the dark more frequently.  If your headlights and taillights are not functioning properly you could be setting yourself up for problems in the winter months.
  4. Have all your fluids checked and topped off if need be.  While this may not lead to you getting into an accident it can certainly lead to you being stranded which can cause all sorts of problems.

Getting into a Connecticut auto accident can be prevented with the proper car maintenance for the right seasons.  While no amount of preparation can prevent all accidents, making sure your vital equipment on your vehicle is properly taken care of can go a long way at minimizing your risk as you drive in inclement weather.

If you’ve experienced an injury no matter what time of the year it is you can contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will take a look at your case.

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