Keep Yourself Safe When Visiting Our Beautiful State Parks

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Cities and towns often provide resources for residents to enjoy the parks in their communities and other amenities for people to enjoy.

Parks can vary in amenities offered and can provide great fun in many different ways.  However, they can also present safety issues in a variety of ways.  Below we will look at some of the different kinds of parks that you might be visiting this summer and how to keep yourself and your loved ones free from a Connecticut personal injury while you’re out enjoying the beauty of your city and our state.  

One of the many amenities that cities and towns offer are walking trails.  Whether it’s a stroll through the woods or a rigorous hike up a mountain there are some safety issues to keep in mind.  Paths that are not clearly marked may lead you down the wrong route into some difficult terrain that you may not have been expecting.  With overgrowth and unmarked paths it can be easy to slip and fall along the way.

Staying cool this summer may include a visit to a local splash pad.  Splash pads are all the rage right now and are good for kids and adults to get refreshed in the hot summer sun.  Like spending time at a pool you will want to ensure that you are not running on the splash pad as it is, by design, wet and can become slippery.  If you are not following the posted rules for a splash pad you may be setting yourself up for an injury.

The playground is another activity that your town or city may offer in their parks and this can be a fun day for all.  Danger awaits when the playground equipment is not serviced properly and may be broken.  If you catch it before your child plays on it, you should contact your city to notify them.  If your child gets hurt when using broken equipment you may need help filing a Connecticut personal injury claim.  

Athletic fields and courts are also often provided by cities and towns for their community recreation.  Basketball and tennis courts are great places to stay active but loose asphalt can cause slips and falls and lead to injury.  Baseball and softball fields can also have many tripping hazards that could lead to you injuring yourself.

When you’re out this summer enjoying the many amenities your city or town provides make sure to take precautions to avoid injury.  If you do happen to get injured, contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you to protect your long-term interests.

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