New Law Requires Implementation of Adaptive Headlight Technology

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With much fanfare a new Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill was signed into law last month and now the true implications of the bill are coming into focus.  One of these implications that will directly impact the ability for car manufacturers to implement technology that will reduce Connecticut auto accidents is the legalization of adaptive headlight technology.

Before the law passed this technology was not allowed in the United States, but it has been in use in other countries for quite some time.  The basic idea of adaptive headlight technology is that your headlights will actually be “smart” and adjust to your road conditions ahead.  While current technology does offer a driver the ability for headlights to switch on high beams in needed situations, this tech goes well beyond that.

The possibilities are limitless, but one example that has been shared by those who are excited about the technology is that headlights will be able to sense when a car is coming in the lane next to you and limit the glare of the light coming off your headlights that are aimed at the on-coming traffic while allocating more of the LED light to your lane ahead so your lane will actually get brighter without affecting the driver in the lane next to you.

Other possibilities include auto manufacturers adding the ability for your car’s headlights to actually warn you of upcoming hazards such as ice on the road or other patterns that will be indicators of a variety of different hazards or treacherous conditions ahead.  Since the tech has been illegal in the United States up until now, the true promise of adaptive headlights will not be known until auto manufacturers start working on it, but it is coming.

The new bill instructs the Department of Transportation (DOT) to come up with a plan to begin rolling out this technology within the next two years.  Assuming the DOT takes the full two years this tech may be available on new car models as early as 2024.

As technology advances and becomes standard in many vehicles, cars are becoming better at eliminating Connecticut auto accidents.  While there is no replacement for truly paying attention to the road and being an active driver, technology is helping to assist your driving in a way that keeps you safe and out of harm’s way.   

Technology cannot save you from ever being injured in an accident and if you are in an accident you may need an attorney to review your case.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will work with you to protect your long-term interests.

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