Overturned Tractor Trailer On Milford Highlights Dangers Of Driving On The I-95 Corridor

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There are good parts and bad parts in living where we live.  Along one of the busiest sections of highway in the country, we are lucky enough to live within driving distance of major metropolitan areas like Boston, New York, and Providence.  With that comes the downside of increased through traffic by tractor trailer trucks.

A Connecticut truck accident this past week in which a tractor trailer overturned just off exits 38 and 39A was yet another reminder of the dangers that passenger vehicles face when sharing the road with these giant vehicles.  Sharing the road with tractor trailer trucks requires a specific set of safety precautions being taken while driving to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

If you are driving along I-95 and are sharing the road with these vehicles you will want to keep some of the following safety tips in mind.  

  1. Do not tailgate.  This is a good rule of thumb no matter who you are driving behind, but if you are behind an 18-wheeler when they stop short you may end up sliding under the truck which may result in a serious injury.
  2. If you are passing a truck make sure you are passing on the left of the truck and do not re-enter closely in front of the driver.
  3. Allow extra space around the truck.  Whether you are in front, behind, or driving beside a tractor trailer, the vehicle is roughly 16 times the size of your passenger vehicle and needs the entire road to drive on.  Give the truck as much space as you can.
  4. If you cannot see the truck’s mirror the truck driver cannot see you.  You should proceed with extreme caution.
  5. When traveling in front of a truck be sure to brake gently giving the truck behind you time to come to a stop.  Trucks need more time and space to stop than a passenger vehicle does and if they don’t have that time it could have a devastating impact.

We can all remain safe when sharing the road with large trucks if we follow some straightforward safety steps.  When a Connecticut truck accident does happen it is a good time to be reminded of these steps and continue following them.  

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a truck or any other vehicle you may need to speak with an attorney.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will review your case.

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