Prevent Medical Malpractice? New App Shows Surgeon Errors

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 by | Posted In: Medical Malpractice

medical malpractice appIf you or a loved one is heading in for surgery, vetting the surgeon is one of the first things that patients and/or their families will do. Thanks to a new application, patients will now be able to see how surgeons at a particular hospital measure up.

According to Popular Science, over 200,000 patients unnecessarily die each year due to surgical complications and many more are injured. In Connecticut, this might be considered medical malpractice.

How it Works?

Going in for knee replacement surgery or a prostate resection? Simply select one of eight procedures and select your state. You will be shown all of the hospitals in the area and whether there are surgeons practicing there with high rates of patient harm.

Check it out.

When you or a loved one are going in for a surgical procedure, the attorneys at McEnery Price Messey & Sullivan urge you to ask as many questions of your surgeon so you feel comfortable with him/her performing your procedure. We also want to remind you that it is within your patient rights to get second, and even third, medical opinions.

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