How to Keep Dog Bites Out of Your Connecticut Celebrations

Dog bites can happen more often over the winter season. During these months, we keep our celebrations indoors; and that typically includes Fido, too. As we stress over preparations, so do our dogs. In the state of Connecticut, the dog bite law is strict liability. This means that when the dog you care for harms another, … Keep reading…

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Death of Motorcycle Driver and Serious Injury of Passenger Leads to Arrest of Dump Truck Driver & Filing of Lawsuit

The death of a motorcycle driver and serious injury to his passenger led to criminal charges against the driver of a garbage truck, and the filing of a civil lawsuit. Allison VanDerMaelen, the surviving passenger, filed a civil lawsuit when dash cam footage from inside the truck obtained by her attorneys, showed that the driver … Keep reading…

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4 Questions to Ask Before Being Treated By a CNA

Connecticut private healthcare companies, hospitals and health facilities employ 37,000 licensed certified nurse assistants (CNAs). Individual facilities are responsible for conducting background checks and drug tests. The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health does not currently have any drug testing requirements for any profession. A Washington, Connecticut woman was recovering from back surgery and … Keep reading…

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Connecticut Medical Malpractice and Informed Consent in the Digital Age

Have you or a loved one undergone a medical procedure where the healthcare provider presented you with all options, including less invasive procedures? Hopefully, your answer is yes. According to Connecticut law, the issue of informed consent is separate from your healthcare provider’s ability to perform his or her diagnostic duties and treatment of illnesses. … Keep reading…

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3 Ways Connecticut Uber Passengers Can Stay Safe

Since it began back in 2009, Uber’s ride-sharing service has grown in popularity. It’s mobile app has made it easier to get a ride than the traditional taxicab service. Connecticut auto accidents can happen to anyone, even those who are passengers in a vehicle where you do not know the driver. As a passenger, you … Keep reading…

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