Take These Steps To Prepare Before Heading Out On Your Bike

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The weather remains beautiful and so there are many people out on roads that are riding bicycles. Riding a bike is great for your health both mental and physical, but it also brings with it some risks. 

The risk of a Connecticut bike accident can be increased or decreased depending on whether you take certain precautionary measures before you head out. If you can take these three steps before you hit the road you will be significantly safer.

  1. Size your bike right. A bike that is too big for you can be cumbersome to maneuver and can lead to an accident between you and another cyclist or worse. 
  2. Keep your bicycle working properly. A loose chain, an underinflated tire, or any other mechanical failures can lead to a bike accident. Just like if you’re heading out on the road in a car, when riding a bike you want to maintain your vehicle properly.
  3. Tuck or tie all laces and strings that are hanging from your clothing or other gear to avoid any entanglements with the bike. If you get a string or lace tangled up in a tire or gear it could mean an abrupt and dangerous stop.

Riding your bike is a great idea for your health and well being, but if you don’t take these precautions you could end up in a Connecticut bike accident.

If you’ve been injured, you may need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to review your case. Contact our office and one of our attorneys will do just that.

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