What Happens If Your Connecticut Dog Bite Injury Comes From Two Dogs At Once?

Thursday, October 8th, 2020 by | Posted In: Dog Bites

It may be considered rare, but there have been cases where two dogs have bitten a human at the same time. This type of Connecticut dog bite injury is addressed in statute. If this were to occur with two dogs from the same owner, the standard statute would apply. However, if the dogs were from two different owners, there is a little bit more to it.

If you are walking down the street and come across two dogs who look aggressive and then they each come at you and bite you, you will need to find out if they are owned by the same owner or not. If they are not, you may have two dog bite cases to think about.

When one dog bites you, the owner is held to strict liability under the statute. When two dogs bite you, from different owners, both owners will be held to the same liability standard. Therefore, you would be entitled to bring a case against each owner.  

In the scenario where two dog owners are involved there may be the option for one of the dog’s owners to sue the other dog’s owner to recover some of the damages that he/she was found to incur.If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you may have a Connecticut dog bite case and should speak to an experienced attorney immediately to review your case.

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