Connecticut Car Accidents in Construction Zones

It is important for the state and municipalities to maintain our roadways for safe travel, therefore these areas are welcomed and necessary, but sometimes these construction zones can contribute to car accidents. Not only can motor vehicle operators have increased risk for an accident, but the road construction workers are also at an increased risk … Keep reading…

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Connecticut Adverse Events Down 12%

The Connecticut Department of Public Health presented its annual report to the General Assembly with encouraging news: adverse events in Connecticut hospitals are down 12% from 2013 to 2014. The report, which is mandated by law, publicizes that there were 471 adverse events in 2014. What is an adverse event? It is when a patient … Keep reading…

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Avoid An Auto Accident at a Connecticut Roundabout

Roundabout, rotaries, traffic circles – they all refer to the same method of moving traffic: motor vehicles driving around a landscaped center with offshoot “exits.” It’s no wondering Connecticut auto accidents occur on these roadways. If you find yourself on a rotary, traffic circle or roundabout, follow these tips to maneuver them safely. As you … Keep reading…

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Mental Distractions Can Impair Driver Awareness

A new study released by AAA shows that the use of hands-free technology can cause mental distractions for as long as 27 seconds afterwards. This study is very concerning to Connecticut motorists as it shows that even once-thought simple movements, like changing the radio station or adjusting the volume control, can leave the driver distracted … Keep reading…

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Weston, CT Auto Accident Sends 4 to Hospital In an Attempt to Pass

Four people were sent to the hospital after injuries sustained in a Connecticut auto accident a few weeks ago. The accident occurred when a vehicle tried to pass two others and hit another oncoming car. The driver and passenger of the vehicle that attempted to pass were seriously injured and the driver and passenger in … Keep reading…

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