4 Questions to Ask a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you are seeking to hire a medical malpractice lawyer there are four important questions you should ask every firm you meet with. What are your credentials to handle a case of this magnitude? Experienced and knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys all have the legal knowledge to try a case like this, but it’s the medical … Keep reading…

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Medical Malpractice Statistics That May Surprise You

Any healthcare provider, including facilities like hospitals, are subject to medical malpractice lawsuits if a patient is injured due to negligent care. Below are some interesting statistics on medical malpractice compiled by Becker’s Hospital Review. Nature of Medical Malpractice Payouts 33% related to negligence in diagnosis 24% related to surgery complications 18% related to treatment … Keep reading…

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Are Hospitals Liable For Hiring Incompetent Doctors?

In many medical malpractice cases, the hospital where the incident occurred is often named in the lawsuit. In some cases it is because the hospital shares some negligence for the patient’s injury. Sometimes it is because the hospital hired an incompetent doctor. Hospitals can be held legally responsible for hiring and retaining incompetent physicians, including … Keep reading…

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What Ways Could Your Doctor Commit Medical Malpractice

Connecticut law defines medical malpractice as a deviation from the standard of care that causes permanent injury, including death, to the patient. These injuries can include anything from amputations, brain injuries, delayed diagnoses, and birth injuries. Amputations – if you or a loved one required the amputation of a limb, medical malpractice may be the … Keep reading…

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What are the Stages of Ovarian Cancer?

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, one of the first things your doctor will determine is what stage your cancer is in. It is extremely important to get a proper staging diagnosis because different stages of cancer call for a wide range of treatments. If your physician failed to properly … Keep reading…

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What are the Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

Stage I ovarian cancer has a greater than 90% survival rate after five years, when detected at its earliest stages. However, the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are only likely to be felt once the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries, but can present sooner. According to the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer signs … Keep reading…

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What Tests Diagnose Prostate Cancer?

Men aged 50 years and older (younger if risk factors present) should begin regular screening for prostate cancer. If you have been diagnosed with later stage of prostate cancer, your diagnosis may be the result of a delayed response. This delay could be medical malpractice. If you think there has been a delayed response in … Keep reading…

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